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    Infusing in your child a thirst for learning and a love for living by providing quality education in a safe, nurturing,
    creative and culture-friendly environment that helps the holistic development of the child. SAUGAAT MONTESSORI
    ensures that the child is academically motivated, artistically creative, physically active and emotionally supported.
  • Educational programmes
    Saugat Montessori offers
    Montessori playgroup ( 18 months & above)
    Infants ( 3 years)
    Toddlers ( 4 years)
    Pre -school ( 5 years)
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The school was established in Ashwin 2069. Here we nurture children’s from playgroup (18 months and above) to preschool students (5 years). It is a challenging job to provide the children’s, especially infants, with an environment which is more than home and family so that they enjoy school more and get more attracted towards Montessori rather that home. However, Saugaat has already surmounted that challenge as the parents comment that their children’s gale at the school as much as home. Also, it is not an easy task to build the foundation of education in children’s. Nevertheless, the teaching staffs are determined to take over the challenges and offer the children with the best education possible. Finally, the family support is a must for the success of our program. We, at Saugaat, feel very fortunate to have active parent participation in various activities. This collaboration between administration, teachers, children’s, and parents makes “Saugaat” a present to everyone.


At Saugaat Montessori, curriculum is carefully designed for the holistic development of a child. We have strived to fuse the global curriculum with Nepalese so that it provides the sense of the global curriculum and also remain at own cultural values and studies. So, Nepalese national curriculum is always of utmost priority the entire curriculum requirement of each class is met as per our national curriculum direction. Our integrated Montessori and thematic approach reinforce child’s learning. The national curriculum and the thematic approach to the students are given concomitantly. The activities at the classrooms are not limited into a single textbook but rather it combines the activities that are practiced at leading school around the world. The novel learning methods that are practiced from international curriculum prepares our students for global challenges. It has already been proven that the experimental and audio & visual methods are the most superior method of learning. Taking this into account, Saugaat Montessori also provides children’s with practical studies and is also the audio visual education is given. Students are given with the theme based and child-centered education approach. Students engage in a number of activities all centered around one theme. This has proved to be a very meaningful to the children’s. The curriculum includes the following

7 areas of learning & development
  • Personnel, social and emotional devlopment
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
  • knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development
  • Writing skill

Theme based teaching
  • Practilcal life exercise
  • Natural life exercise
  • Social
  • celebration
  • living things
  • Life skills for Effective Living
Extra-Curricular Activities have been considered as one of the most important thing to be provided to the children’s as it helps them to be physically fit, mentally stable and socially harmonious. However, most of the ECAs are related with the learning activities and are integrated within the main curricular activities rather than as a separate subject. Weekly training classes are provided to establish a strong foundation for future learning. Here is a typical range of activities offered to the students:
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Badminton
  • Karate
  • Football
  • Basketball
Performance Arts
  • Nepali folk dance
  • nepali classical dance
  • Music
  • Vocal
  • Instruments
  • Drama
Visual arts
  • Sketching
  • Painting
  • Sculpture

Reporting System

The school conducts terminal assessments thrice a year. A written report is given at the Parent-Teacher Conference of each terminal assessment. The students are assessed throughout the term in the following five categories:

1. Attendance- 5%
2. Homework-10%
3. Class work/ class participation- 10%
4. Project work/ portfolio- 15%
5. Oral exam- 10%.

The marks in the preceding categories are then added with the marks obtained in the terminal exams.

Honor Roll

Saugaat Montessori recognizes the effort and academic achievement of the students. Student obtaining a final average of an A or an A+, without Fs, in any terminal examination are enlisted in the school’s Honor Roll. This is the highest degree of academic achievement a student can attain.

About Us

With the establishment of Nepal Montessori Training Center (NMTC) in 2001, we have experienced the Montessori education for just a little more than a decade but have realized the revolutionary power that Montessori education bestows to the children. Saugaat Montessori– a children’s world – is a pre-primary Montessori school with the objective of providing foundation for the growth and development of a child’s mind, body and spirit. We all are aware that early years of children are very crucial as their early experiences influence their future. So, they should be provided with happy and secure environment to learn in the best way they can. And, we, at Saugaat Montessori, provide a carefully planned course, stimulating environment and the trained, loving and caring management which will help the children to develop within themselves the foundation habits, attitudes, skills and ideas essential for the whole life.

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